Solutions of Oxford - Corporate Options

Corporate Options

Your time and the time your Employees spend at work is valuable. With our help and support you will be able to dedicate your working hours and those of your Employees to the development and smooth running of your business.

We provide a wide range of services from ad hoc virtual or actual administrative support to full concierge services for your company, employees or clients. Below is a brief but, not exhaustive outline of the services we are able to offer.

Email us with a request for the relevant FACT SHEETS which will give you a comprehensive out line of what a particular service covers together with costs.

Employee Concierge Services
Forward thinking companies who offer concierge services or facilities to their employees are ahead of the game and differentiate themselves from others when it comes to retaining staff and creating a mutually beneficial working environment. Studies have shown that approximately 75% of staff take care of personal tasks whilst at work. By providing access to Concierge Services you will be saving both you and your staff valuable time and as we all know, in business – time is money.

The service can be offered virtually or we can provide an onsite dedicated service for as many – or as few – days a week as required.

Travel & Hospitality
Travel and Hospitality arrangements for your company or your clients from chauffeur driven cars and booking flights through to entertainment and restaurant reservations.

Company Development & Team Building
Booking and coordination of Business Retreats, Employee ‘away days’, implementation of Employee Health & Wellbeing programmes.

Administrative Support
Our virtual or actual Assistants – provide you with high-impact, low-cost solutions for your everyday business needs. This service is very cost-effective for Small Companies who sometimes may need extra support for a specific project or over busy or seasonal periods. This solution provides the extra help needed – but only when needed.

Solutions of Oxford
are well placed to help you create an innovative and forward thinking working environment for you, your company and your employees. We offer one off options or bespoke packages designed to suit your company needs.

Email us on for further information and arrange a meeting.

Services Offered

We are the Solution to your problem – for Home or Work. Below is just a snapshot of the range of Services we can provide to help your life run smoothly.

Errand Running
Interior Design
Relocation – Individual & Company
House Health Checks
Employee Concierge Services
Household Maintenance
Admin Support – for home or business
Employee Wellbeing Programmes
Hospitality & Travel
Domestic Staff Provision
Empty Property Care
Party & Event Planning
Registered Education Advisors